Forum Title: Tankless water heaters
Im going to set up a tankless water heater in my home, and wanted to know the estimated amount of distance which should be between the opening of the water heater and the PEX piping.
Category: Plumber Post By: JANET ROBERTS (Bell, CA), 02/11/2017

If I am limited with space and cant fit 3'-4' of copper what are my other options?

- MARIA DAVIS (Warren, MI), 09/13/2017

Can't fit copper? Nonsense. If you can't fit copper, how are you going to fit pex?

- FREDDIE REESE (Citrus Heights, CA), 10/05/2017

That is a question for the manufacturer of the PEX tubing. Personally, I always try to get 3'-4' of copper before any kind of plastic tubing with a tankless.

- REBECCA WRIGHT (Lakewood, OH), 10/10/2017

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