Forum Title: stub out metal pipe to galvanized - Need help please!
I have a stub out metal (brass?) pipe that has deteriorated and is very weak. I am going to attach a boot as a temporary fix but I would rather remove and replace the pipe. It does not appear to be threaded/screwed into the galvanized pipe but rather held in by some old resin perhaps from the year the home was built (1951). Please see the picture. Does anyone know how to remove this metal drain pipe from the galvanized pipe it is attached to? Secondly, could I just thread in pvc piping in the galvanized pipe once I get the old metal pipe out?
Category: Plumber Post By: VALERIE BURTON (Lancaster, TX), 10/25/2016

looks like a copper pipe,,needs to be cut out, use a dremel with abrasive cut off blades

- LOIS POWELL (Jupiter, FL), 09/09/2017

Easy fix is use a $3 rubber coupling but here's a better way. Link to my thread on how to replace that trap arm You will need a 1.5 pipe tap to clean out he threads. The copper pipe has solder ring on it. That ring is only about 2-3 threads deep so the thread in the tee beyond that are filled with years of ?????. If the tee has banded no-hub coupling then you can easily replace the tee. Look for a NO hub 2 x 1.5 tapped Santee. If you're system is older leaded spigot and hubs, then that is going to be harder to replace. If you can cut the old tee out you can install a No-hub tee with banded couplings

- MINNIE PADILLA (Avondale, AZ), 09/11/2017

It's light weight brass with a solder bushing.

- LEON BOWMAN (Provo, UT), 10/08/2017

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